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Can renewal come out of intense pain?

How are things looking in your part of the world? Are you experiencing pain at the moment? Do you know anyone who is? When we are in intense, often sudden, pain, it quickly peels away everything but what we really need. Recognizing that Jesus is our need centers on seeing life as He does and partnering with

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Puppy Love Series: “Your Growls Don’t Bother Me”

Grr….bark, bark, bark, Grrr……. Those loud noises got my attention as Gracie Jo (my 30 pound mixed-breed rescue dog) and I walked toward a large dog (thankfully) behind a fence. While I slowed down, distracted by the growling, Gracie Jo, head held high continued walking never glancing at the dog…simply stating in her own way…”your

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It's more than just
getting pointed
in the right direction...
it's about moving
in that direction!