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Conflict – Diffusing the Internal Pressure Cooker

Conflict.  It’s bound to happen.  I distinctly remember one moment I had to get up and excuse myself from the dinner table, all family present, because I didn’t trust how I would respond to a perceived ‘jab.’  Later, after calming down, I approached my Auntie and we talked it out, quietly and away from everyone

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The Father’s Love

Many of you are familiar with my story about the “Refiner’s Fire.” After months of debilitation and no clear prognosis during the worst of my illness, well-meaning friends would lovingly tell me I was “in the refiner’s fire.” I was tired of hearing that phrase. All I could think is, “It hurts and it’s hot

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Let’s admit it: CEOS Needs A Safe Space, Too!

The key to any successful coaching relationship is trust, but it is paramount when working with the top gun.  CEOs are used to being in control, not letting someone see them sweat, being prepared with answers to questions they haven’t even asked yet, staying multiple steps ahead of current plans and juggling the demands of

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