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The Power of Pacing

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times from Tammy, my primary physical therapist, “Pace yourself, Cheryl.” After a serious brain injury due to an illness, I spent over a year in physical therapy learning how to do basic things such as walk and lift a pencil with two fingers.  It was

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Helping You Run Your Race Well

A friend of mine just qualified to run in the Boston Marathon.  She is quite excited.  I just don’t get it.  I’m not a runner.  I can’t imagine pounding hours and miles on these aching joints! But my conversation with her led to a thought – She is running to finish. Finishing the race, to

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Track Olympiad, Usain Bolt, was almost guaranteed the gold at the 2011 World Championships.   A change to the Fast Start rule was about to end that. Bottom line, if a runner false starts even once, he’s disqualified.   Watching Usain lift his shirt over his head in agony as he realized there would be no second

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It's more than just
getting pointed
in the right direction...
it's about moving
in that direction!