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The Father’s Love

Many of you are familiar with my story about the “Refiner’s Fire.” After months of debilitation and no clear prognosis during the worst of my illness, well-meaning friends would lovingly tell me I was “in the refiner’s fire.” I was tired of hearing that phrase. All I could think is, “It hurts and it’s hot

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Love Speaks Truth

Many years ago as I was attempting to coach one of my key sales people, I became increasingly frustrated with the frequency with which he used the phrase, “to be honest with you.” Finally, I simply said, “Don’t be any other way with me!”  Then I explained, “Every time you say, ‘to be honest with

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Prayer For Judgement

A few years ago, my son was handed a speeding ticket for going generously over the speed limit.Family discussion ensued about a unique law in North Carolina which allows a Prayer for Judgement where one can plead a case, be found not guilty yet still the prosecutor receives the conviction. However, if the same offense

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Puppy Love Series: It’s About Love!

“Are you here to play? Welcome to the group, friend. I’m Gracie Jo!” It’s amazing how fast dogs become friends. Size, shape, breed, background seem irrelevant ….at least that’s what I’ve witnessed (usually). It’s a simple welcome sniff and let’s be friends and play! Meara (the tall Great Dane) and Gracie Jo are best friends. It seems the

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It's more than just
getting pointed
in the right direction...
it's about moving
in that direction!