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Stepping into The Promised Land

This time of year the Way of Life team is deep in prayer. We are praying for women who are looking for greater clarity in their faith walk and who the Lord may be calling to the Promised Land Living journey. We pray for perseverance. We pray that they will not give up. Because once

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Puppy Love Series: “Ready…Set…Run”

By: Polly J. Green (Gracie Jo’s mom) “I’m faster than you!” I wonder if dogs challenge one another like we do as humans…listing all our accomplishments? “I’ve won five 10K races, competed on my college 440 relay team and I walk 10 miles/day!” Or, does it sound like Gracie Jo (the little red dog) to

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Directing Our Path

By Lizzy Munter I grew up in “the city” and lived there my whole life. I loved the convenience of being close to everything. After two years in a town home, my husband and I decided we needed more space. As we looked for a new home with more land, our search radius grew larger

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It's more than just
getting pointed
in the right direction...
it's about moving
in that direction!