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Avoid the Painful Gap of Misunderstanding

Marie is a gracious, delightful, very alert 91-year-old who lives alone in her country home. Off the main roads country—the ancient dirt road passing in front of her home has a history dating back to the late 1700’s. She has nieces and nephews nearby, all part of her close-knit family. In her younger years Marie

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Nothing Time

“Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still” (Ps 4:4b NKJV). Great discoveries are made in stillness. Not only do we find God waiting for us there, we can travel far and wide. We can find answers and revisit past connections. We can know. This afternoon I did absolutely nothing. Yet, I did

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If People Know it is Coming

The Half Door Drama So, what’s so dramatic about a half door? Nothing by itself. It’s just a door—or so we thought. The installation of a half door to my office seemed like an innocent enough decision. I was in charge of the office of a growing church and was the pastor’s secretary. There was

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Learning From My Mistakes

I don’t believe in wasting pain. If we’ve gone through a difficult struggle, we’ve already paid the price for the experience. We may as well benefit from it. The only thing worse than a failure is not learning from it. And I continue to learn from the surprising and disappointing outcomes of something I considered

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Answering to No One

As Americans, most of us have no idea the power of a king or a ruler with absolute authority. The most vivid comparison we have personally is when my husband Vernon visited a Communist controlled country that I will not name. To name it could cause harm to the people he visited. That’s how far-reaching

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It's more than just
getting pointed
in the right direction...
it's about moving
in that direction!