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Need a Mid-Winter Refueling?

The first quarter can begin to feel like a long haul. We had turned the page to January to face new horizons, perhaps eager to launch into our goals and conquer unexplored territory. And then we hit the February slump. I receive monthly IV magnesium treatments. This past week, while a lovely nurse was hooking up

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The Invisible Gifts of Christmas

Christmas is pouncing on us this year due to such a late Thanksgiving!  But, never fear – there is a way to get ready for Christmas with this challenge:  find invisible gifts to give this Christmas. These gifts are the least expensive, least time consuming and yet most satisfying of all that you could experience

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Life Coaching Tip: Choosing Your Focus

In our May edition of the Walking in Renewal newsletter, Cheryl offered this Life Coaching Tip: Intentionally and willfully changing your focus can lead to tremendous opportunity, renewed hope and new options. Whether there are things in your life that are going well or circumstances that are filled with difficulty (and even chaos) the idea

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What would it look like for you to push the pause button?

This past January, Cheryl shared her first Life Coaching Tip on the Way of Life Newsletter {Spiritual Renewal}: Practice Pushing Pause Think about any given stressful situation that you have been in, whether alone, with a single individual or a group and consider what might have taken place if you had just pushed the pause button for

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It's more than just
getting pointed
in the right direction...
it's about moving
in that direction!