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Hanging Clothes

Cleaning Closets and Slaying Giants

I met Jill at a conference a couple of years ago. She is an image consultant and closet organizer. So naturally, after meeting her, I asked Jill to come to my home and help me organize my closet.

A few weeks ago, I ran in to Jill again when she was speaking at a women’s event that I attended. She emailed me and asked if I wanted to meet for lunch or another closet date and I said “yes!”  As we were going through my closet, I felt like shrinking!

“Jill, do you remember that last time you were here, you told me to get rid of this, and this… and this… and this?”

“Yes, I know!”

But I really like to wear these things…

After she left, I walked back in to my closet. There, still hanging, were the clothes that she told me to discard two years ago.  At that moment the Lord spoke to my heart:

“Dorie, a professional told you to discard those items because they do not bring out the best in you.  Why do you not listen to the advice of a professional you have hired to help you be your best? Dorie, you do that with Me, too.  When I ask you to let go of some things, you like to hold on to them.  They are comfortable, you’re used to them, and you fear what might happen if you let go of them, but trust me. I want to bring out the best in you!

I immediately discarded all of the clothes Jill told me to.  I had to take that pile to donate before I decided to pull something back out of it and wear it again! (How many of you can relate!)

How true of our relationships with Christ, as well. When He puts His finger on something in our lives, we are best to immediately act on it.

This is all about walking in obedience in our promised land: slaying our giants, even the ones we like to hang with!

Whether you’re slaying giants you’re attached to, or ones you’re happy to get rid of, He goes before you and leads the way!

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The Power of our Perspective

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Audacity of Prayerlessness

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